Padukka gas lamp post

News broke on Sri Lanka’s state TV Rupavahini today that the historic gas lamp post in the middle of Padukka town had been destroyed due to a collision by a lorry.

It was established 100 years ago by the Peace Memorial Committee to mark the end of World War I, as mentioned on the pedestal.

Padukka is a town situated around 56 kilometers eastward of Colombo the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. The area was surrounded by rubber estates in the early 20th century. The street lamps were powered by gas during the period before the spread of electricity.

We found few images of the gas lamp post from internet. (Cover photo:

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  1. If you can, get hold of a copy of ‘Dum karaththaya, Suthra Karaththaya ha Gas eliya,’ a collection of Sinhala news paper articles on the introduction of the railway, trolley bus an gas lighting to Sri Lanka, compiled by Siri Thilakasiri (Pub. Godage and Sons)

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