Thariq Ahmed

Sri Lanka police has brutally assaulted a 14 years old child with mental disability. The incident that took place around 5 p.m. on 25th May in Dharga Town in Kalutara district was recorded on CCTV footage.

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Victim Thariq Ahmed’s father has complained to the Inspector General of Police, National Police Commission and National Child Protection Authority.

“My son went to a shop on a bicycle. After some time, a neighbour told me that the police officers in the Ambagaha Handiya police post had beaten and arrested the boy. When I rushed there, I saw my son’s hands had been tied. I told them the boy was a person with a mental disability. He cannot speak properly. Passers-by also beat my son. They accused the boy had been drunk and behaved violently. Anyone can understand the boy has some issue, at first glance,” the victim’s father, A.H.M. Wazir said.

The victim’s father, who is a labourer, accused that the culprits were three police officers of Aluthgama police station. The senior officers of the station threatened Wazir to remand his son for 14 days if he tried to complain against the cops. The father seeks justice for his son.

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